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Overcome Procrastination the Easy Way with EFT-Tapping

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Some of my clients asked me to give them a Tapping Script that may help them on a daily basis with their procrastination. I have written one here below. Try not to beat yourself up for procrastinating, that is only going to make things worse. Tap instead!

There is always a reason why one procrastinates and the important thing is to find out why and to tap (no pun intended) into that issue. Here are some whys:

  • Our system is trying to keep us ‘safe’. Our brain is thinking subconsciously if we get this achieved, the long-term payoff is too scary, I may fail, lose my job, stand out, be too busy, be judged, or any number of other fears that keep us procrastinating and stuck.
  • Procrastination can be a way of rebelling against an authority figure such as a teacher, boss, parent, or anyone that a part of us perceives has authority over us (even if they don't in reality, a part of us can be triggered by that person). Some procrastinate if they feel this is the only way they have any control or autonomy over their life. Perhaps someone let you down, took advantage of you, and hurt you. 
  • if you are stuck and procrastinating because you have resentment and anger over the way you have been treated in the past. There may be a younger part of you that is resisting doing the task or project to get back at those who hurt or disappointed you. If so it is probably a part of you that needs some acknowledgement and help. Procrastination is simply a red flag letting you know that you need some healing or self-awareness so you can make some adjustments. It is an opportunity to let go and to grow if you choose. To get free of some limiting beliefs that can be frustrating and burdensome. Not getting healing and freedom will cost you in the long run emotionally and physically.
  • It might also mean that you just hate this particular work. Perhaps you could hire someone to do this task. If that is not possible maybe it's time to look for another job, one that you love. Or is it that you just need to knuckle down and do the work as it is a means to an end?


Negative Beliefs                                            

Any negative beliefs that are running in your subconscious can affect your ability to get important things completed and to take care of your needs. Part of your procrastination might mean you will be ‘busy’ filling up your time with unimportant tasks. Ask yourself:

  • is this helping me to get my important tasks done first?
  • Am I spending too much time on social media, watching Netflix, YouTube, shopping, or doing other activities that are not helping me to move forward to get my goals and projects done on time?
  • How can I take care of myself here?
  • How do I handle this situation while getting my needs met?

Tapping can help you calm the fight, flight, freeze response in the body (the stress response) and thereby help you to think more calmly and with clarity. Instead of numbing out and experiencing brain fog, you are able to choose how you want to respond in any given situation.

Following is a script for you to feel more proactive and energized to achieve your goals. Remember that you can change the words to fit your specific issue. Your words are the best words for you.  Each and every one of us is unique and different, so creating a one-size-fits-all Tapping Script is a challenge. Nevertheless, tapping is always better than doing nothing, so give it a whirl and persevere. Tapping on procrastination needs persistence!

  • If saying the words seems too difficult then just tap and breathe while thinking of your problem. Do an experiment and tap and breathe while thinking about your issue for 10 minutes and see what happens. If that is too long a time - do 5 minutes. Persevere for 5 days and then get back to me and let me know if it made a difference. Tapping does work to unblock you!


Tapping Script

Remember also that in EFT we always tap on the negative first, that is how our minds and bodies will be able to accept the positive affirmations. We have to take care of the negative first. Check your discomfort about the issue and rate it between 1 and 10. 10 being the most discomfort and 0 being no discomfort. Only when we feel we are at a 4 level or below do we bring in the positive affirmations. 

The Wrist Point (WP) is inside the wrist, where you would take your pulse. 

Tap on each point 5 to 7 times.

Round 1:

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I don’t want to do…………………….., I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. In fact, I don’t even want to think about it, I  accept myself anyway

Even though I don’t want to do……………………….., I refuse to do……………………, I will never do……………….., it’s too hard, it’s disgusting, it's boring, it’s so much easier numbing out and being distracted, I am open to seeing this issue from a different point of view and I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though the thought of doing this task gives me a headache, makes me feel nauseous, embarrassed, guilty (or whatever it is for you). I am open to giving myself credit for dealing with this, for tapping on this issue and trying to work through this procrastination and I accept myself.

TH (Top of Head): This procrastination

EB (Eye Brow): This procrastinating

SE (Side of Eye): I’m tired of procrastinating

UE (Under Eye): I’m sick and tired of not taking care of myself

UN (Under Nose): This procrastinating

CP (Chin Point): I’m done with it

CB (Collar Bone Point): I’m sick of it

UA (Under Arm): I’m sick of not getting stuff done

WP (Wrist Point): I’m sick of wasting my own time

Round 2:

TH: This procrastination

EB: This procrastination

SE: This procrastinating

UE: I’m over it

UN: I’m done with it

CP: I’m tired of it

CB: I’ve had enough of it

UA: This procrastinating

WP: This procrastination

Round 3:

TH: It’s too difficult

EB: It's boring

SE: It’s too scary

UE: I feel resentful about it

UN: I'm scared if I do it

CP: I'm scared if I don't do it

CB: This fear

UA: I have to get it done

WP: I'd rather do anything else

Round 4:

TH: It’s never going to happen

EB: I have no idea why I am blocked about this

SE: I’m not brave enough

UE: It feels like life and death for me

UN: I just want to let this procrastinating go

CP: I’m so tired of it

CB: I just want to let it go

UA: Maybe it’s possible, I could let some of the fear (whatever it is you are feeling) go?

WP: What if I am safer than I thought?


TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CHECK IN WITH YOUR BODY what is your discomfort between 1-10? If it is still over a 4 go back and repeat the above. If it is a 4 or below, go on to the next rounds. 

Round 5:

TH: What if I could try a little bit at a time?

EB: What if I could feel okay doing that?

SE: Maybe it’s possible

UE: What if it could actually feel good getting the work done?

UN: What if I could feel grounded and safe doing the work?

CP: I wonder if it’s possible I could feel confident getting my needs met?

CB: What if I could feel more calm and safe?

UA: What if I could start slow?

WP: What if I am worthy to get my needs met?

Round 6:

TH: I’m giving myself permission to actually enjoy getting my goals met

EB: I know I’m worth it

SE: I’m choosing to honor myself here and get this work done

UE: I’m worth it

UN: I actually enjoy getting things done in a timely manner

CP: I’m choosing to acknowledge the hard work I’ve put in over the years

CB: I did it before and I can do it again

UA: I’m choosing to look forward to achieving my goals and taking care of myself

UC: I’m choosing to take care of me

WP: I’m choosing to take care of myself and I’m worth it



Just remember to listen to your body and if there is any tension then you know you need to tap more. Remember that we always tap on the negative and when the feelings (negative) go down to a 4 or below then you can bring in some positive affirmations or in this case I brought in open-ended questions that kick the brain into finding solutions for itself. If asking those questions brings out a big NO, then keep tapping on the negative some more until your body feels ready to accept the positive.


Here are some pointers that have helped me do those important tasks first:

  • Write a list the night before with the important tasks to be done first.
  • Do the hardest tasks first (no more than 3 big tasks).
  • Put the list either on your computer where you can cross it off or up on your wall, where it is in your face and hard to ignore.
  • Have a timer beside you (also there are apps that you can download free online) that give you a time frame to do the difficult tasks. Make the time an amount where you can feel safe and comfortable putting in that time. You can start small and build up.
  • If you have more than one task, use that timer for each and keep to the time, it is really helpful.
  • Congratulate yourself on getting them done, pat yourself on the back, dance to some great music, sound the ‘Applause’ (free app) on your phone, or jump up and down wildly. Do something fun. I know it sounds crazy to do that but you are actually retraining your brain into believing that doing these tasks can actually be a good thing and even fun.


How are you going to feel on your deathbed?

Something I remind myself from time to time is how am I going to feel on my deathbed if I never achieved the goals I had set for myself or achieved what I thought I was here to do in this life. I want to pass on from this life knowing that I did achieve what I set out to do or know that I did the best that I could. I would feel terrible knowing I wasted my gifts by procrastinating and reminding myself of this, keeps the fire lit under me. Even if you are young, it’s good to ponder this because you want to live a full, rich life of passion, love, and without regrets.

It does take some discipline. I know that can be a dreaded word for many but honestly, after you have achieved the task you feel so much better. It’s worth it, so if you need to do some minor gritting of teeth to just start, why not? This is where tapping can be so helpful to neutralize the fears, anger, or resentment that are keeping you stuck!


Is this goal for you or for someone else?

Another important thing I do is I always check in with my higher power, sometimes we push ourselves into goals that are perhaps not what we really want in our hearts. We just think we ought to. Maybe there is or was an expectation by our family, perhaps we made a vow a long time ago but now we feel as if we should be doing something else. It is completely acceptable to let go of a goal that you discover you don’t want anymore. Just make sure to know what is true for you and youre not just pushing back.

Remember you are valuable beyond measure and I hope you feel better from tapping with this script and you will be able to achieve those tasks and goals you set out to do. If this script doesn’t help then you may need to work one-on-one with someone because there are probably underlying deep-seated root causes that need to be addressed and healed that are causing the procrastination. I didn’t get to write a script for the anger/resentment/rebellion and hurt issues. I think this blog would have been way too long. Maybe that is for another day and you can use this template and again add your anger/resentment/rebellion and hurt phrases and words.

Don’t forget you can always reach out to me for a free consultation on the link below if you have questions and need to work more deeply on your issues to get unstuck.


Love to you,


Gail Mae

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