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I’m Gail Mae

I help women to let go of what's keeping them stuck and holding them back so they can lead with inspired purpose. 

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I’m Gail Mae, your supporter and coach!

I’ve known first hand how often anxieties and limiting beliefs get in the way of living our most free and truest life. Sometimes we just get stuck and can’t seem to think our way out, no matter what we do.

  • If you are looking for a breakthrough in your career, business, or in your personal life...
  • If you are looking to live a life feeling fulfilled because you are doing what you love…

I can help you!

Gail as a Ballerina
Gail in Ballet

What breaking through looked like for me…

I was literally dancing through life.

My career started out dancing with The Australian Ballet and later appearing on Broadway in "Dancin'" and “A Chorus Line”, working with Bob Fosse and Michael Bennett.

On the surface I had everything.

But I’d begun experiencing debilitating fear at some performances, even though I managed to cover it well.

There were parts of me that adored being in the limelight but there were parts of me that felt unworthy of my success.

A war was a war going on inside me and I could not think my way out of it.


No amount of affirmations and positive thinking was working.

I knew I had issues from my childhood to address with a narcissistic mother and a sexually abusing father. Over the years no one was able to help me. And I certainly wasn't doing a good job of helping myself.  I was having a hard time keeping my pain and trauma at bay while carrying on, pretending everything was okay, as I had for so many years.

I spent thousands of dollars on workshops, therapies, coaches, and psychologists, seeking answers in religion, you name it. I learned a lot but nothing seemed to help me break free of the trauma of the past or to see my intrinsic worth and value. 

I didn’t want to just keep talking about my problem, I wanted actual 


Never giving up my search, and believing that all things are possible with God, I discovered the epigenetic techniques of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting.  


These techniques heal past negative and traumatic memories on the subconscious level. This was what I was looking for, a way to change the old pictures and beliefs I had into more positive and life-affirming ones.

I had to heal my past to change my present.

I couldn't find a practitioner here in NYC so I ended up becoming trained and certified in these techniques myself. 

I discovered not only how effective they were, but also that I was naturally good at this work and I could help others get freedom too. That was when I started my coaching practice. 

In the years since then, as my practice has grown, I have trained in more techniques and coaching to help people let go of what no longer serves them, find a stronger sense of identity and purpose, and achieve their goals.

Ultimately we all want to live a rich and rewarding life, making a difference and leaving a positive legacy when we go.

I am grateful that I get to work with clients all over the world via Zoom. My greatest joy is to help you get free and to live the authentic, free and joy filled life you were meant to live!

My Training and Certification

EFT Master Trainer

Matrix Reimprinting

Destiny Coaching

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Grief Recovery

I’ve found real freedom and joy - and  also a great love of my work as a healer and coach.

While memories of dancing in some of the great opera houses in the world, bring me great joy, I also feel that same joy when clients release what's been holding them back and they step into the freedom of living their potential and achieving their goals.

You deserve to flourish in this season of your life, and I’d love to support you!

What’s so different about the way I coach?

No matter how we work together, you’ll experience a safe and empathic space to learn, explore, and transform through my proven letting go framework. It is only by letting go that we can move forward. You will be held in a safe space where no matter what we are working on, whether it's feeling stuck, experiencing grief, or fear in any way shape, or form, you will be valued, never judged, supported, and encouraged. Sometimes given a gentle shove when needed. And I am well aware that, at times, being held accountable is needed.

Gail - Letting Go Life Coach

Client love

While many counselors and life coaches offer guidance through words of support and encouragement, Gail Mae does this and so much more.

Working with her has given me simple yet powerful tools to heal old wounds and release old patterns that have stood in the way of reaching my goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for that missing link that separates effort and intention from real achievement.”

I marvel at the enormous positive effect Gail has had on my life.

The work we did together made a tremendous difference. I went to her specifically to understand and release a life-long avoidance of financial success. After just a few short months, my attitude towards accepting money had completely changed – I can finally comfortably let it in. I restructured my business model, totally rebranded, and got out of my own way. I now enjoy greatly increased new and steady client streams – all at a much higher level. It feels like a miracle. Thank you, Gail!

As a practitioner Gail is professional, caring, compassionate, and effective.

I have had the opportunity to do three sessions with Gail. I released some very deep emotions that I didn’t know were even there, through the Matrix Reimprinting technique. This resulted in me creating a new job where I was able to increase my salary by 20%, while only working 3 days per week, so I could focus on building my business. I don’t really understand how Matrix Reimprinting works, but I do know it is effective and has provided me with a lot more inner peace and power in my life.”

Life was about just being in a rut and not knowing why.

After working with Gail Mae, so many things, I thought were impossible were actually possible. In just 3 sessions of tapping with Gail, I was able to sign a contract with a new agent, book a role in a movie AND book a national commercial! Not only were these visible breakthroughs but the actual want to continue to improve myself knowing I could achieve more is the best thing I discovered from tapping and working with Gail Mae. Thank you Gail!”

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When you’re ready to break free of the patterns that keep you from living your dream, I have several options for us to work together.

Letting Go Life Group Coaching

Group Coaching

My Signature 8-Week Program The Letting Go Life.

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The Letting Go Life 5-Day Workshop


A powerful 5-Day Workshop: The Freedom Formula.

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1-1 Coaching with Gail Mae

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Intensive Coaching for healing and transformation.

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EFT Resources

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