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Let go of what’s no longer serving you and discover your next steps

in eight transformational weeks


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You deserve to live a life of freedom and joy

Letting go of limiting beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving you doesn’t have to be hard.

It’s available to you, and you can show up just the way you are. When you raise your hand and say, “I am ready to let go and feel more confident of my purpose,” you are already on the road to transformation.

And if you start hearing that voice that says…

“But what if I don’t know what my purpose is?”

“What if I’ve lived with these same patterns for so long that it’s too overwhelming to change now?”

“The idea of letting go is too scary.”

“Am I worth investing this much time and money?”

That’s completely normal…

But think about where you will be a year from now, or even in three months, if you don’t begin to let go?

Will you still feel trapped in the same patterns?

Still feel stuck, anxious, stressed and confused?

We all need the experience and support from someone who knows what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, or anxious…someone who can expertly and compassionately meet us where we are and guide us in a safe space toward the life we always dreamed we’d have.

That’s where I come in.

During eight powerful weeks ...You will be able to identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • You will learn:
  • the tools to use every day to live stress-free while doing what you love.
  • how to connect with your higher power.
  • to release and let go of disappointment and begin to trust.
  • how to be more confident, self-accepting, and forgiving.
  • more of your purpose and how to have more clarity, focus, and faith in yourself.
  • the ways that can help you make changes with more ease, gentleness, and courage.
  • You will have a coach who is your biggest supporter who guides you gently along and honors your journey.

Because you truly deserve it.


The Letting Go Life with Gail Mae

This is for you if you are thinking any of these thoughts

“I want to stop getting stuck in my negative thought patterns and feel real hope and joy again.”

“I know I’m meant for more, but I need more clarity on what direction to take.”

“I’ve tried everything to move through the mess, but nothing has helped me so far.”

“I want to be able to make it through this time and look back and say, “This was when I finally gained insight and freedom, and discovered my value and purpose.”

“I would love to grow my business and make a bigger impact. I’m tired of standing on the sidelines and watching everyone else level up.”

“I’ve tried so many things, will this work? Talk therapy didn’t really do anything for me.”

If any of this resonates, there’s nothing I would love more than to coach you through how to let go of what’s no longer serving you - for you to see your unique value and help you achieve your goals.

When you live in freedom and walk in your purpose:

Walk in your purpose with Gail


You’ll know your value and worth,


You’ll be making a positive impact,


You’ll have healthy boundaries,


You’ll walk in your strengths and experience joy. 

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After working with Gail Mae, so many things, I thought were impossible were actually possible.

In just 3 sessions of tapping with Gail, I was able to sign a contract with a new agent, book a role in a movie AND book a national commercial! Not only were these visible breakthroughs but the actual want to continue to improve myself knowing I could achieve more is the best thing I discovered from tapping and working with Gail Mae. Thank you, Gail!”

I marvel at the enormous positive effect Gail has had on my life.

I went to her specifically to understand and release a life-long avoidance of financial success. I restructured my business model, totally rebranded, and got out of my own way. I now enjoy greatly increased new and steady client streams – all at a much higher level. It feels like a miracle. Thank you, Gail!”

Gail Mae Dancing
Gail Mae Ballet

My Story

These are photos of me many years ago performing with the Australian Ballet Company at The Sydney Opera House and on Broadway.

I adored everything about performing, the thrill of the orchestra warming up before a performance, the incredible costumes, sets, and music. I loved soaring in the air as long as I could before I had to land, pirouetting fast and sure and then finishing in a split second to the applause of the audience. I felt free, joyful, and beautiful and I wanted the audience to feel those same feelings in their hearts too.

As I became more and more successful, I struggled with accepting that I was worthy of my success. I experienced trauma as a child with a narcissistic mother and an abusive father. Although I had managed to keep the pain and sorrow at bay, it was becoming more and more difficult. I sought therapy at the time, but nothing seemed to help. All the therapies I tried were not successful at healing trauma and my Complex PTSD. I didn’t want to just talk about my problem over and over again, I wanted healing and transformation. I wanted to be free of the negative beliefs I had learned so I could live what I believed was my purpose, and make a positive difference in the world. I wanted others to get free of their trauma and limiting beliefs as well and to have hope that it was possible. And I was determined to find a way.

During my career in dance and theater, I learned valuable lessons such as perseverance, hard work, envisioning the end result, and the courage to never give up. Therefore, in my search for healing and emotional freedom, I never gave up searching. 

In that process, I discovered the epigenetic techniques of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting that heal traumatic memories on the subconscious level. These techniques neutralize trauma and give us the ability to change negative beliefs into positive, life-affirming ones. Not finding any practitioners in NYC, I became trained in these techniques myself. I discovered not only how effective they were, but also that I was good at this work. I could help others find their freedom too. As my practice has grown, I have added more techniques and modalities that support clients to let go and reach their full potential.

Today, I may not be soaring across a stage with joy, but I experience that same joy when I help my clients release negative beliefs, and experience the freedom of letting go and living their potential. Best of all, I get to serve the people I love from a place of confidence, worth - and real joy.

I learned how possible this is for every single one of us - and that means YOU too.

I want to coach you through the exact same tools and techniques that have changed my life so you don’t have to be stuck anymore. 

Gail Mae

The journey of seeking emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness is a messy, rocky, and oftentimes tumultuous ride.

However, Gail’s gentleness and tenderness has helped ease the bumps and has even made it fun.”

I’m learning to embrace my weaknesses and strengths and have a lot of hope in my journey of more wholeness and freedom.

Facing my emotions is no longer a scary formidable giant but a fun journey that I get to explore in a safe space.”

The Letting Go Life Program

What the letting go life program does for those who are ready to move forward to their next adventure, like you.

This program is created for those who are ready to move forward, let go of old limitations, and step into a life of freedom and purpose.

I created this transformational training because YOU deserve to live more fully. But the only way you can transform your life is by doing the work.

No work = no results.

This program is going to push you out of your comfort zone. But you will feel very supported! All coaching happens within a safe and compassionate space - I’ve been helping clients transform their lives for many years and I promise you’ll be in expert hands.

By the end of this program…

  • You will know how the tools you already have in yourself can support you in your goals.
  • You will have the confidence that if you are looking to change and grow in your career, relationships, health or business this will give you the clarity to see where to go.
  • You will learn the ways to take this momentum and elevate it on a larger scale… And you will walk away with the belief that you are truly worthy of this life.
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Here’s what we’ll cover

Week 1


In this module, we will be weeding out some of the things that may be robbing you of energy and keeping you stuck. These can include what you have been tolerating, anything that is incomplete and any messes you need to clean up.

When we let go of clutter whether that be emotional or physical and as we gently (with the help of EFT) clean these things up, you may be amazed at how much energy, clarity and focus you will begin to experience.

Week 2


  • Learn to listen to your body’s signals.
  • Your body will tell you more of the truth of what is going on with you than your head ever will. Many of us live in our head and not in our body. Our body, mind and spirit are inherently connected.
  • If we have anxiety, there is a reason why.
  • There is nothing wrong with you. It’s just a matter of discovering the why and acknowledging and then transforming the beliefs you have around that why.
  • We’re going to learn how to do that in a safe way.

Week 3


  • Learn to create and set healthy boundaries.
  • We will explore the need for healthy boundaries - it may seem obvious but most of us still struggle in this area.
  • There are red flags that can inform us where our boundaries are unclear. This lack of clarity can lead to feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, angry, or resentful. 
  • We will be addressing how to set boundaries for yourselves and be fine about saying NO when you need to.
  • You will learn to give yourself permission to get your needs met before you can meet others’ needs.

Week 4


  • Catch up and review week.
  • Life happens and I’ve designed a coaching program that takes this into account.
  • This week is a breather week and catch-up week, making sure you feel supported where you are at.
  • We will do some Tapping and Coaching and answer any questions while checking in to make sure everyone is progressing on their journey. 

Week 5


  • This week we will explore simplicity, contemplation, and journaling.
  • Simplicity - Living with less busyness. What can you let go of that's keeping you from your purpose and happier life? 
  • Contemplation - Listening to that small, still voice - we’ll discuss ways to meditate on this. Journaling - we’ll continue the work through journaling.
  • Explore benefits of feeding your spirit, being in nature, replacing negative addictions with more positive, creative and fun ones. 

Week 6


  • The Big Picture, Dreams, Wishes & Discovery
  • What comes up as you try to dream about the future?
  • We’ll do Tapping work on any fears or negativity that comes up when we try to put our dreams on paper and/or speak them out loud.
  • This week we talk about the Big Picture - God doesn’t think in limitations. What’s your big picture if you had enough money and time, what would you LOVE to do or be? Your higher power is behind you, cheering you on in your dreams.

Week 7


  • In this module we dive into perfectionism and the power of your words.
  • We’ll work on any negative self-talk.
  • Most importantly, this week you’ll learn powerful techniques to zap perfectionism, numbing out, self sabotage and procrastinating.
  • This week is crucial to really stepping into freedom in life - most of us struggle with perfectionism in different ways throughout our lives and having these techniques in your tool belt can have a life-changing impact.

Week 8


  • Wrap up the coaching experience, and continue the work on your goals for the future. You will have time to ask questions, get clarity, and review your progress. This is also a week of celebration - as a community, we’ve done a lot of transformational work and it’s worth celebrating.
  • You’ll learn practical tips on how to continue moving forward and keep the momentum going.
  • I’ll also share next-step opportunities with those who want to keep working with me further.

What’s included in the program;

BONUS:  EFT - Tapping Technique Introduction

As a BONUS for signing up to the Program, I have added an EFT  PowerPoint introduction. We will be using it during the course to help you to let go of stuck parts and gain more clarity. I use it with my 1:1 clients as a stand-alone tool and in conjunction with my other techniques to gain successful results.

Weekly live coaching calls

There will be a Coaching call each week. Each call will be recorded and available for download later that same day. You don't have to be in attendance for every call. That is totally up to you. I am also available via email and Facebook if you have any questions. I get back to you within 24 hours.

Accountability check-ins

You’ll receive support to help keep your head up and stay on track with your work and take action each step of the way.


I started working with Gail Mae because I was stuck. I was procrastinating creative projects to breaking point and I was starting to miss out on opportunities.

Within a few weeks I was feeling calmer, more motivated and confident than I had felt in years. Weeks earlier I had delayed writing a sentence because I couldn’t find the right pen, now I was writing, painting, openly brainstorming ideas and asking for help where I needed it. I feel as if my stuck self is behind me, and I see potential I never have before. Gail Mae, you are magnificent. Thank you for all the support and love that you’ve invested in me. I trust you so completely and I know that’s the effect you have on people.”

The coaching you’ll receive in the letting go life program is valued at over $5,000 USD.

During this special Founding Members Launch it is just $697.

(Not a typo! You will receive 8 weeks of coaching at this Founding Member pricing.)

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Here are the answers to a few questions you may have:

Got another question about The Letting Go Life? Please feel free to message me on Facebook or at [email protected].


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quoteWhile many counselors and life coaches offer guidance through words of support and encouragement, Gail Mae does this and so much more.

Her sessions have given me simple yet powerful tools to heal old wounds and release old patterns that have stood in the way of reaching my goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for that missing link that separates effort and intention from real achievement.”

This program is for anyone who:


Wants to experience new positive beliefs and let go of the old ones while feeling safe and supported in a compassionate, non-judgmental space while gaining emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness.


Is ready to have fun and share laughter in the midst of letting g, learning, and moving forward. If you’ve gotten stuck with programs in the past, let me help you turn your past disappointments into stepping stones.


Is willing to stop justifying your limiting beliefs, let go of all the negative self-talk, the “buts” and the “I cant’s” and is open and ready to move in spite of the fear, in spite of past hurts. Part of the work is to gently accept that the limiting beliefs are holding you back and must be released before you can experience real freedom.


Is ready to commit to doing the life-transforming work in the safe space of a supportive and committed community. I’ve done everything I can to create The Letting Go Life in a way that you’ll have the tools, techniques and support you through all you’ll need. Your job is simply to decide that you’re ready - and I’ll meet you right where you’re at - at the starting line.


Is willing to commit approx. 2-3 hours per week to the program and ask for clarification or extra support if needed. I know you will see transformation if you do the work - so I’m really big on accountability and keeping you moving forward. We will even have implementation weeks specifically to ensure you are staying on track with the sessions and homework - life happens, and I want to make sure you feel very supported.

This program is not for you if:


You need to work through big T trauma that might get in the way of you being able to get the most out of the program. This group experience simply does not allow for the intensive and deeply personal work of releasing deep trauma. (If this is the case for you, working one on one with me would be the way to go - I’m really good at helping you heal from trauma.)


This program is also not for you if you are looking for a quick fix or a magic pill. My students commit to completing their play work, (there’s not too much) and participating in as many coaching calls as they can. We will focus on releasing what isn’t serving us anymore, moving students past disappointment, toward freedom and finding joy in our purpose - this requires your willingness and active participation in the process.

A love note from me

The letting go life is available to everyone. But what most of us are missing is a safe space, and the gentle, compassionate (but firm) guidance of an expert coach. Because left to our own devices, we don’t do the work we know we should. We’re confused and stuck in our beliefs and it’s difficult for us to see another path. We’re afraid of saying no. Failing. Disappointing. We don’t give ourselves permission to be messy and imperfect in the journey. We don’t realize how loved we truly are by God in spite of our faults. God is much more patient, loving, and merciful than we are to ourselves.

Your new life of freedom is waiting for you to decide that you’re ready for it.

I created the Letting Go Life to help lift you out from whatever is holding you back and teach you tools and techniques so you can find clarity and a breakthrough - and finally show up the way you long to.

You can MOVE FORWARD. There is more for you than your fear and limiting beliefs - so much more. You should not have to wait another year - or even another three months to begin this transformational journey. You should not have to justify living with the status quo one more day because you are meant to thrive, serve the world from a place of freedom, purpose and joy.


Let’s get you moving forward!

xo Gail Mae

Time to let go of what's no longer serving you

Founding Members launch pricing $5000  $697 USD

When the program opens up again later in 2023, the price will increase significantly. The current pricing is set intentionally low because it is a one-time Founding Members price. You will get amazing value, and you will get more specialized time with me. I hope you’ll take full advantage of this offer!


Join now for 1 payment of $697
Join for a payment plan, 2 payments of $367