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The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Integrity is:

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

So often over the years I have taken advice from others forged ahead and it has backfired and I ended up out of integrity. I didn’t trust my own gut, my own intuition, I often followed someone else’s advice as I believed they knew better than me. If I had counseled myself, gone within to weigh whether this advice was something I felt was the right way to go for me, I am sure I would have served myself better. If I had valued and trusted in myself, and listened to my body when I felt uncomfortable about something, I would have been more in integrity.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot ask someone else’s opinion who has expertise in the field or someone's whose wisdom you trust. However, why not turn inside first and reflect.  After all, we are all tapped into the source, the I AM.  If you are not used to that, find ways to increase your skill in it. It takes practice. You have your own unique path in life and this is why it is important to go within to find out what or where best you can serve and live out your destiny. And to understand that what brings you joy, is a large part of what you are meant to be doing.

It may be that you come up with little insight at first and that you need to go to others for advice. Choose trustworthy people who fully support you. Those who encourage you in finding out for yourself how to come to the best choice, the decision that is for your highest good. Go to those who help you to see who you really are, who value your opinion and ask questions that help you to discover what is true for you.

I realized I needed to trust in my own integrity. If it doesn’t feel right, then there is something not right and there needs to be more thought about it before I take action. When you come from your heart in a loving way towards yourself, it will be easier to stay in integrity. You will know it’s right in your gut.

Make sure you are not doing something out of fear.

It’s interesting to me how when I set an intention as I did with Integrity, all the times I was not in integrity came up to my awareness. Self-awareness can be very uncomfortable.  All those experiences that my subconscious had hidden away, ignored, pushed down, gone unconscious about, simply because I couldn’t handle it on my own, or felt too guilty about them. Well, they came up into my consciousness to be revealed, it was time. Whether that was to forgive myself, forgive others or to ask for forgiveness, it was time.

I think of this internal growth work like going to exercise class. If I don’t exercise, my body breaks down and I am not as strong, as healthy, youthful and flexible. I feel the same way about my mind, my emotions and my spirit. I want to keep them healthy, flexible, open and always growing.

If you can relate to any of this, it is time get some healing and to gain self-awareness. Not growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually may be getting in the way of you sharing your brilliance in the world, having great relationships and of feeling at peace. It will also get in the way of you manifesting all that you dream as you will feel unworthy until you are again in integrity. 

In moving towards being whole, entire and undiminished, up came all that stuff from the past where I was not in integrity, where I may have unwittingly hurt people or was not in integrity with myself. I had to clean it all up. It was an opportunity, a blessing even though it doesn’t always feel that way.  I know it was worth it as it will be for you!

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