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How to Release Limiting Beliefs with Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

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Transformation with Matrix Reimprinting

One of the ways I have been able to transform any limiting beliefs into positive and affirming ones is through Matrix Reimprinting using EFT. Since training in this modality 13 years ago I have been able to release limiting beliefs that were trapped in my subconscious. Those beliefs I learned from a childhood of abuse. For many years, I tried every therapy out there, relating my story, and my struggle to overcome to new therapists who did nothing except take my checks and listen. Two things were missing from the therapies being effective:

1) knowledge of trauma and having effective techniques to heal it in the subconscious and cellular level and,

2) the therapist's ability to help me see the value of who I was, my strengths, abilities, and achievements, and that I was not what my parents instilled in me.

It could have been that I just had the wrong therapists though I do know I am not the only person to have experienced this same problem. I was tired of not getting any effective transformation from being trapped in my limiting subconscious beliefs. They were keeping me stuck in justifiable fear. I was always hoping that this time, this therapy, program, or therapist would give me the tools to get free. I tried every kind of therapy, religion, positive thinking, hypnotherapy, new age therapies, even antidepressant drugs, diet, herbs, etc. I certainly learned a lot about myself and my subconscious fears but none of it addressed the little girl inside who had been abused. I knew about reaching goals, I tried affirmations. However, the reality was I had complex PTSD, and that part of me that was buried in my subconscious, the part I had been suppressing because the grief and sadness were way too much for me to handle alone. That part needed effective healing.

A method by which I could change…

I had come to the point of believing that I was handicapped not physically but emotionally and that my lot in life was to suffer. When I heard about Matrix Reimprinting, I was excited. I thought, at last, this is exactly what I have been looking for. A method by which I could change and let go of traumatic memories or at least understand why they happened in my life and move on. I wanted to know that my suffering had some sort of purpose. As there was no one in my area who was trained in Matrix Reimprinting, I ended up attending a training myself.

At the training, we worked on memories that were not too traumatic, practicing these new skills we were learning with other attendees. Once I started tapping, a memory came up of an incident at school when I was in first grade. The teacher had yelled at me and made me stay in the classroom for lunch. It was an event I hadn’t consciously remembered, so I was a little surprised that it came up. In my experience with Matrix Reimprinting over the years, I have found that memories come up while tapping with clients that they have not consciously remembered. Yet, the perfect incident comes to light that needs healing and reimprinting. While checking in with my younger self during the training session,

I discovered that she was…

a) devastated, that she had gotten into trouble with the teacher.

b) scared, because now she was afraid she might do something bad again, not knowing what was considered ‘bad’ and,

c) angry because the teacher shamed her publicly.

As we tapped through the different emotions and aspects of the memory, my little six-year-old self was able to give herself the resources and empowerment she needed to create a good outcome from the incident. Tapping is key because it is the tapping that neutralizes the trauma and fear. She learned that the teacher was tired and angry that morning and my younger self had borne the brunt of it. The teacher was able to apologize (in the matrix/memory) as was my younger self. In my experience with Matrix Reimprinting, one of the things I learned while working on this event in my life was that the memory was just one of the many incidents I had during my childhood where I believed I was “bad”. The more that we clear these memories and transform the beliefs into positive ones, the freer we are in the present time to achieve our goals without sabotaging.


That's me in the photo tapping on a trainee's "top of the head" point.

No longer a victim

After working on this memory I no longer have any feelings of being a victim at all around the incident. I have compassion, forgiveness, and understanding for both my younger self and the teacher. In the session, my younger self was able to find the confidence to get her needs met which was freeing. 

It’s necessary to make changes in your subconscious beliefs on a cellular and subconscious level. Remember that 95% of our lives are run by our subconscious. 



With Matrix Reimprinting, you have a whole new experiential level of awareness and ability to forgive, not only for others but also for yourself. This comes out of self-knowledge, respect for your younger self, and emotional freedom. Forgiveness is never pushed. It is only an option when healing has occurred and one is open to forgiveness. (One must be very careful to not ever forgive if there is the least bit of anger still present. Anger is an important part of healing and when injustice has occurred in a young person's life, the anger must be appropriately allowed to be expressed and fully felt. We don't have to jump too quickly into forgiveness because we feel we 'should".)

Once a memory has been healed and new more empowering beliefs are imprinted, you will:

a) More relaxed and at ease in your body.

b) More confident, as you are releasing fear that was trapped.

c) Gratitude and respect for who you are, for your life, and the challenges you have had to overcome.

d) be more emotionally healthy and free to have relationships with no attachment, in other words, love people for who they are with no expectations.

e) See that you are worthy of love and deserve to have loving, supportive relationships.

f) Start to remember the good parts of your past that were forgotten under the pain.

g) See the life lessons each experience had and how each was a step on your journey to your life purpose.

Experiencing Matrix Reimprinting is transformational. As it heals a memory, that younger part of you no longer causes anxiety in the present time. If you feel stuck or you're suffering from physical issues, are depressed, or angry. EFT and Matrix reimprinting are effective tools to help you heal and get free so you can reach your goals. 

If you are interested in a discovery call to see how this powerful technique can help you in your life. Please go to my “Book a Call” link at the top or bottom of the page to schedule a complimentary no-obligation 20-minute call. You can find a time that works for you I’d love to chat with you to see how I could help you get freedom and breakthrough.

Kind Words 

"I have had the opportunity to do three sessions with Gail. I released some very deep emotions, that I didn’t know were even there, through the Matrix Reimprinting technique. This resulted in me creating a new job where I was able to increase my salary by 20%, while only working 3 days/week, so I could focus on building my business. I don’t understand how Matrix Reimprinting works, but I do know it is effective and has provided me with a lot more inner peace and power in my life." - Alison H. LeBrun – Embodiment Coach



Gail Mae

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