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How to be in Touch with your Body, Mind and Emotions using EFT-Tapping

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Listen to Your Body's Signals

In the second week of The Letting Go Life 8-week coaching program, we are learning about being able to know the signals our bodies tell us.

Many people are disconnected from their bodies and the brilliance of EFT is that when we tap, we start to feel emotions that we have buried, denied, or rationalized away. When we tap, the emotions can move and flow, getting unstuck. We become more free as we release limiting beliefs and trauma, unlocking the self-imposed cage we were in.

Why do we get stuck in the first place? 

From the time we are babies, we are taught ways to behave, and what is appropriate behavior and what's not. We are socialized. We might have been told "That's not nice", or that it's not okay to have your opinion, maybe told our grades were not high enough. We took on beliefs that we were not smart enough, pretty enough, tough enough, and so on. We were not allowed to feel when we were told to "suck it up" or "don't let it get to you", and the list goes on. Perhaps we just tried to be the good girl or the good boy and not cause waves.
It was not okay to be vulnerable, fearful, needy, or angry. Maybe we had a sick sibling or one that seemed to take up all the space with none left over for you.
The truth is we have been stuffing our feelings down for years, just so we could survive and fit in.


Whether you've had small or big childhood trauma, it will cause dissociation because our body system instantly knows that the way to survive is to separate us from the trauma. It is too overwhelming for a little child to comprehend or deal with. Our body will go into a "freeze" response. And unless we release the trauma and the freeze, it stays in the body, trapped. The beliefs we learned at the time are stuck with us, even when we know they are no longer true in our conscious mind.
If it is not healed and released at the time, these traumas, little or big, build up in the body causing disease in one form or another. Either physically, emotionally, or mentally causing a compromised ability to enjoy life fully.
Allowing yourself to feel, to be fully human is a good thing! It doesn't mean we need to act on all these feelings but it does mean we need to acknowledge them and listen to them as they are a way to discover the truth about ourselves.
When we get triggered into a strong emotional response in life and react with an emotion such as anger or fear, it is a red flag that a younger part needs attention. There is usually a valid reason that part is being triggered and needs attention and healing.
When healed, we can let go of the old limiting belief that is attached to the trauma and gain the freedom to live a more full and happy life.
If you want to feel freer in your body, less stuck, angry, or fearful. Reach out to me, I love to help people get free. 
To learn about what happens in the body during trauma, here's an important video from Dr. Robert Scaer on trauma and memory.



Gail Mae

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