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Gratitude and The Law of Attraction

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Gratitude and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, you can bring about positive or negative results.

Many are hopeful that by saying positive affirmations for long enough, it will change negative beliefs into positive beliefs and their goals and dreams will manifest.

Well that can work to a point. Unfortunately, oftentimes affirmations don’t work and the reason is, when we try only the affirmation route to attract good things, we are accessing the conscious mind. Problem is, our subconscious mind runs 95% of our lives. .

To attract what we want, we need to address the underlying beliefs that we hold in our subconscious mind. 

Our subconscious mind might be believing, “I don’t deserve that extra $20,000, my parents never made that much, we didn’t have much money, who am I to think I could make that much more?” Or you may sabotage a great relationship because you don’t believe you are worthy of someone who loves and cares for you that much. Perhaps you witnessed your parents negative relationship, they got divorced and in your subconscious you vowed you would never let that happen in your life, therefore unconsciously you sabotage any relationship that may threaten the vow you made when you were young. Even though another part of you really wants a good relationship.

We are complex individuals and each of us has a unique history. Our subconscious beliefs were set at a very young age. We imprint our parent’s and ancestor’s beliefs. We learn beliefs about ourselves in relationship to those who are most important to our survival, our nuclear family. We can also make vows and gain a negative opinion of ourselves through experiences we had at school.  You might have had a bully tormenting you or a teacher who made fun of you. You made a decision about life at each and every time there was this kind of trauma. Some deal with these things well and have loving and supportive people in their lives who can help them work through these traumas. Often these experiences are stuffed down and not talked about, we take on shame and guilt for who we are. These beliefs don’t go away unless the trauma aspect of the memory is healed and new beliefs learned.

All is not lost though. If you have negative subconscious beliefs we now have epigenetic techniques and therapies that can help us to change those negative beliefs. We do have the ability to change these subconscious beliefs about ourselves and what is possible in our lives. 

One very simple way that can help you is to write a gratitude list every day.Or just make a habit of thinking about all the things you could be grateful for. You can say them out loud if that helps. 

Write a list of all that is working in your relationships and work situation even of it isn’t your ideal job or most ideal relationship. It could be the impetus for you to move to a better, more meaningful job or relationship. 

What starts to happen is that you will begin to attract more of the same positive experiences into your lives. What your mind is constantly thinking about is what it will attract. 

When you are thinking about what is NOT working in your life then that is exactly what you will attract to you, more and more experiences that are negative to your well being. If you are  thinking about what IS working in your life then that is exactly what you will attract. You will attract more and more great things into your life.

An example to say or write:

“I am so grateful that I have this full-time work, so I can provide for my needs, my family’s needs and put something into savings.” In doing this you will attract more positive people and more possibilities for a better job.

One may be without a job, or a home, staying with friends sleeping on the couch and borrowing money to live on.

Your gratitude list could be:

  1. I am so grateful I have friends that let me sleep on their couch, I am not on the street, I have a roof over my head and people who care about me.
  2. I am grateful to have a place to stay while I search for a job and a new living arrangement. 

Now this does not mean that you don’t put ACTION into the mix here, to do everything you can to move forward and reach your goals and intentions for your life.  Expressing and feeling gratitude, is a very important component to achieving your goals. Using a Gratitude List as an extremely powerful tool to help you achieve your dreams by activating the Law of Attraction.


Gail Mae

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