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Biofeedback Reveals a More Improved and "Awakened Mind" brain function while using EFT

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Brain Waves and EFT

Gary Groesbeck a Biofeedback specialist writes: We are seeing some very rapid and significant changes in the overall brain wave patterns that mirror the release of emotional issues during the EFT sessions. Heart monitoring has also shown instant, healthier responses to the resolution of emotions.

There are some important shifts that suggest an accelerated movement towards improved brain function using EFT. Initially, during the course of a session, as personal issues are being resolved, we see a decrease in overall brain wave energy. This reduction in energy occurs more rapidly than in just a simple relaxation period, often within a single round of tapping. Many in the field feel that as the brain works more efficiently, the amount of energy in the cortex, or the surface of the brain, decreases. This is exactly what we observe.

Brain Symmetry

Along with this was an increase in brain symmetry, that is both sides of the brain, the hemispheres, begin to work together in a more balanced manner. People often have the mistaken assumption that they are either right-brained or left-brained, in truth we are both, and the two sides of the brain need to work together for optimal health and performance. This is what we see happening over the course of an EFT session, people have increased hemispheric integration or balance.

Next, we observed a general decrease of energy in the highest frequencies, sometimes called beta one and two. This band of energy is often associated with emotional intensity, anxiety, stress, negative ruminating, and possible history of addictions. This energy band shows a decrease as emotional issues of the moment are released during tapping. As another layer of the story unfolds, beta can flare again as the new issue emerges, followed by more tapping, until it again is reduced to a new healthy level. This makes it possible to determine whether or not the person has another layer of issues to access for further tapping.

Alpha and Theta Waves

As people tune into their issues we also see an increase of energy flares in the slower frequencies called alpha and theta. These frequencies show an internal focus and the emergence of memories often associated with the symptoms at hand. Without an alpha bridge, emotional memories in the theta range are often lost or remain unconscious. So we must see an increase in this alpha bridging occurring with the EFT. This allows people to more readily connect with the issues that need to be resolved. We can visibly see theta brain wave spikes, even when the person may not be conscious of the emotional connection to what they are saying.

Emotional, Creative, and Spiritual Insight

Finally, as core issues begin to be resolved we can see, in some people, the development of the pattern we call the high-performance mind also called the “Awakened Mind” pattern. This pattern occurs in moments of emotional, personal, creative, and spiritual insight. It is the pattern we see in long-time meditators. It is the pattern of a brain that is humming along at optimal performance, like a well-tuned engine. It would appear that as EFT quickly aids in resolving long-term emotional issues it also can tune the brain to its highest levels of performance. Other measurements of the stress response, such as heart rate coherence, show reductions of stress, and an increase of healthy functioning on all levels.

Gary Groesbeck BCIAC Fellow
Donna Bach ND

Gail Mae

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