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Cravings Tapping Script 2 - Food Cravings

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Here is a Tapping Script that you might find helpful. You can check the EFT Tapping Chart for where to tap. Remember – you can use your words instead of mine, mine are simply a guideline for you to start with. Just make sure you stay with one specific issue at a time. That is what will make EFT more effective.

Tap 5 to 7 times gently on each point with your fingertips (there are meridian energy points on the ends of your fingers, too!). Use your index and middle finger on your dominant hand or hands as you say each statement.

You can use both hands on the Top of the Head, Eye Brows, Side of the Eyes, Under the Eyes, Collar Bones, and Under the Arms. You can switch from one hand to two, or whatever feels comfortable. As long as you are tapping on the points, it really doesn’t matter if you are using one hand or two. It’s just as effective either way.


1. Tune Into The Problem

Look at what issue you want to tap on. Be aware of any physical symptoms you may be having in regard to your issue such as muscle tension, pain, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, feeling scared, angry, or sad. Notice where it is in your body. You may also be aware of your limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that are getting in the way of your overcoming this issue.


2. The Assessment

Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst. Remember that in EFT we have to tap on the negative first until the negative issue is down to about 4 or below on a scale of 1 to 10 before you bring in any positive statements or reframes.

You’ll notice that I will ask in the script questions such as “What if?” and “Maybe it’s possible?”. Your mind may answer “Nope, not possible” or “Hmm, maybe it is possible”. If your mind is still saying, “Nope it’s not possible” or “I can’t imagine it would ever be possible” etc. Then that is telling you that you need to do more tapping on the negative feeling until the number goes down to a 4 or below.

It doesn’t matter how many rounds you do on the negative, it will eventually go down. Sometimes you will still feel uncomfortable and that may be because another feeling or aspect has come up while the first one went down. That is time to start tapping on that new negative emotion and bring that down and so forth.


3. The Setup

Now tap the Karate Chop Point (KC) while repeating 3 times the setup phrase: “Even though ____________ (the problem), I accept myself deeply and completely.”


4. The Sequence

Decide on a phrase that reminds you of the problem and tap on the sequence of points, repeating the reminder phrase. Below is a sample script for you to use. It includes 5 rounds of tapping.

  • A tapping script may never give you the results that working with a skilled practitioner will. However, starting the process and persevering with it on your own is to be applauded and I hope you will gain some freedom and insight. 


Please be aware if you have big T -Trauma, it is possible the tapping can open up very deep feelings that you may have buried in your subconscious when you experienced the trauma. If this happens to you, please find a skilled practitioner or a therapist experienced in trauma to help you heal from this. Also remember to tap any scary feelings down, use the statements: I am fine, everything is going to be okay, I am here in this room and my feet are planted firmly on the ground. Open your eyes if you have them closed and take deep full breaths as you tap. Look around the room observing all you see around you.



Cravings Tapping Script 2


Craving Tapping Script

The Setup:

KC : (Karate Chop Point: Even though I really, really, really want to eat ……………, and I know I may regret it, I am open to accepting myself anyway.
KC: Even though I know that eating……………… might make me feel better for a bit but I’ll feel worse afterward, I want it anyway, and for the moment it will make me feel better. And I am open to accepting myself in spite of these conflicting feelings.
KC: Even though I am sick and tired of not being able to control what I eat when I get stressed, I am open to accepting myself, and having patience with myself as I work through this.


Round 1

TH: (Top of the Head): I need it
EB: ( Eye Brow) I want it
SE (Side of the Eye) I know I will feel better
UE: (Under the Eye): I really want it
UN: (Under the Nose): I just need it
CP: (Chin Point): I want it
CB: (Collar Bone Point): It tastes so good
UA: (Under the Arm): It is so crunchy and crisp (put in your own words, your own cravings - maybe, sweet and delicious)
WP: (Wrist Point): So deliciously salty (or sweet?)
KC: So delicious and comforting


Round 2

TH: I want it
EB: It will make me feel better
SE: I need the comfort
UE: I need the comfort
UN: It’s just one bag of chips…………….. ( or whatever number, put in your own craving)
CB: The smell is so good
UA: I’ll just have one now, it's just one
WP: I know I’ll feel better
KC: I deserve to feel good, I've been so stressed



Round 3

TH: No I won’t feel better
EB: I’ll hate myself for eating it
SE: Why do I have these cravings?
UE: It's so frustrating
UN: I just really want it
CP: I just want it
CB: And I want it now
UA: I need it now
WP: No, I don’t need it
KC: I just want it

Take a deep breath and check in with your problem. How do you feel about it now? Check-in with your body. What is your level of stress/craving? What is the number between 1 and 10 now? Did it go down at all? Hopefully, it did; even a little is good. You may feel emotional, you may want to yawn, cough, or sneeze. You may feel unusual body sensations.  Sometimes your craving may get worse. This is all normal and natural as you are moving stuck energy. Just keep tapping and persevere.


Round 4

TH: I just want it
EB: Fine, I want it now, but what about after?
SE: How will I feel after?
UE: Is it worth it?
UN: That quick fix?
CP: How will I feel about myself after?
CB: Will I feel disgusted with myself?
UA: Will I hate myself?
WP: I don’t want to do that to myself
KC: Maybe I’m worth more than that

Take another deep breath and check in with your feelings/cravings and rate the number between 1 and 10. If it is still above a 4 you need to tap some more on the above rounds. If your stress went down to a 4 or below you could go to the 5th round.


Round 5

TH: What if I could do something kind to myself?
EB: I wonder if it is possible that I could eat more slowly and mindfully?
SE: What else could I do to feel comforted in my stress?
UN: What could I substitute that would be a healthier choice?
CP: I wonder if it might be possible for me to eat less?
CB: If not could I just simply not have it at all?
UA: I am open to being more kind, respectful, and loving to myself
WP: Love and kindness never hurt anyone
KC: Maybe I could have a soak in the bath or go for a walk, or reach out to a friend? (or whatever you like to do to de-stress and relax)

Take another deep breath and check in with your feelings/cravings and rate the number between 1 and 10. If it is still above a 4 you need to tap some more on the above rounds. If your stress went down to a 4 or below you could go to the 6th round. 


Round 6

TH: What if I could exercise a little bit more? Those “feel-good” chemicals (endorphins) are released when I exercise.
EB: These remaining cravings for ..................
SE: These remaining cravings ......................
UE: These remaining cravings ......................
UN: These remaining cravings ......................
CP: These remaining cravings ......................
CB: I am open to making healthier choices
UA: I am open to having more respect and love for myself and my body
WP: What if these cravings are just a part of myself trying to keep me safe by numbing my pain out?
KC: I wonder if the antidote to that is more love and compassion for the scared/hurt parts within me?

Take another deep breath and check in with your feelings and rate the number between 1 and 10. If it is still above a 4 you need to tap some more on the above rounds. If your stress went down to a 4 or below you could go to the next rounds.


Round 7

TH: I’m giving myself permission to be kinder to myself
EB: What if I could be forgiving with myself just a little bit more when I backslide?
SE: These remaining cravings ......................
UE: I want to let them go
UN: These remaining cravings ......................
CP: What if I could accept myself even though I have these cravings?
CB: I’m open to choosing to accept myself even though I am not perfect
UA: What if I could refuse to beat myself up anymore?
WP: What if “discipline” is a loving word
KC: I’m open to seeing that “discipline” is a loving word. Perhaps it means that I am taking care of myself and getting healthier




Round 8

TH: I wonder if it is possible for me to let go of my perfectionist standards (or thoughts) a bit?
EB: What if I could be forgiving with myself just a little bit more?
SE: Perhaps I could be aware of the thoughts I am thinking and choose to have kind and compassionate thoughts about myself. 
UE: What if I could be more respectful of myself?
UN: I am open to that
CP: I am open to being gentler and more compassionate with myself
CB: What if I could feel more calm and relaxed no matter what is going on in my life?
UA: What if I could refuse to beat myself up anymore?
WP: I’m open to that and I'm open to choosing to let go of this need to eat too much or the wrong things
KC: What if I could be open to accepting and respecting myself a little bit more every day?


5. Re-assessment

Okay, so that was a quick rounds. Take a deep breath, tune in to the problem, and rate the level of intensity now. Notice any changes in thoughts, emotions, or body sensations. Perhaps you have a new insight.


6. Completing the process

Repeat the process until there is no intensity and you feel neutral about the original problem. If it is at a 0 or a 1, you can be pretty sure it’s done but if it is still at a 3 or 4, more tapping needs to be done.

You may need to persevere and tap every day, and sometimes a few times a day. It may take time for your body to not desire what you are used to craving. It can sometimes be an easy process and other times more difficult. Everyone is different but do persevere. If you are still struggling, you may need to work one on one with someone. 

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