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My Winter’s Journey

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My Winter’s Journey

Spring is finally here in full force, my favorite season! It has been an incredible blessing over the winter months, spending time with myself, while becoming a Destiny Coach, taking spiritual and Internal Family Systems classes. Maybe it’s my age and the time of life to reflect.  But I also remember those long summer months of vacation from school in Australia as a kid, of having the opportunity and time to do nothing if I chose. There was a slowness, a stillness, a time to dream, a time to reflect, a time for play. I remember one of my favorite things to do was to read in the back of our car in the carport, it was the shadiest and coolest place around.  We didn’t have air-conditioning and I would read and nap, think, daydream and reflect on what I was reading. That has got to be one of my favorite things to do even now. Mostly though I don’t give myself that pleasure, that joy enough.

Something wonderful happened this winter as I was in this apartment with beautiful views and sun bursting through the windows. I felt called to spend time here, to slow down, to go inside even more deeply. Anything that was ready to heal came up and in having a relationship with God, I was able to be open to receiving some unconditional love and to let go of some traumatic memories from the past.  Being that our life is a journey and we will hopefully always be on that journey, that journey of seeking deeper love, acceptance, forgiveness, purpose, and connection.  Just like nature which is quiet in winter, resting, renewing and working underneath, in the roots and in the sap as it prepares for Spring, so it is important for us too to do the same, to slow down, reflect and renew.

Many people are running away from themselves. I know I still was. Recently I was reminded of Rumi’s beautiful quote: “The wound is where the light enters”. If the wound is where the light enters wouldn’t we seek the light?  Problem is, we have to go through the wound, sometimes opening up a scab that underneath is still not completely healed. We have to reveal that which is probably very uncomfortable and sometimes scary. We have to look at the negative judgments about ourselves that we hold. We have to find the place where it is safe to let them go.

That’s why I have continued to search and find the ways which help us to heal past wounds, neutralize trauma and to feel safe to let go. It is important to feel safe and not judged when healing and letting go. Within this process you gain self-awareness and confidence to move toward your true destiny.

I have always sought meaning in life, the meaning of why I am here and I continue to experience miracles, insights, and guidance about that. What I love about the great I AM is that nothing is random.  I have seen that I am so much more than this life. Our life journey can be very up and down and challenging but it has been worth it. My pilgrim journey of discovering who I am in the light of God who I believe loves me unconditionally, this journey of lifting the veils of unconsciousness to discover the amazing light within each and every one of us.

This winter’s journey of realization, of healing and learning, could not have been possible without the supernatural help, love and support from above. Knowing that I am not alone and, even though I had felt alone in the past, I experienced that there was always the loving presence of a higher power watching over me and helping me. Nor would it have been possible without the incredible earth angels I have had in colleagues, mentors, teachers and expert coaches. Don't get me wrong here, God is no sugar daddy and really wants us to step up to the plate and doesn't always make things easy, but because God believes in us, he leaves us alone sometimes to hone that strength and mettle that is within us. This makes us stronger, refines us and in that work, we gain character.

I honor you always, your courage to heal and to step forward into your destiny, you are my inspiration. We are all one!

With love,

Gail Mae

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